Our Methodology


Making our body move naturally and effectively thru compound movements as the way it should be. Building capacity to move uncommon objects to be common and well generated daily.


Variety is the key. As we train variety items, it will prepared us on what to comes on a everyday routine.


All classes are in a group class environment. Because with larger and positive environment comes motivation, thrive and FUN.


Classes are approx. 30-45min duration. Quick getaway especially for thoses with busy schedules. Quick does not mean less, but with a touch of intensity, it can be very effecient workout.


By experiencing with like-minded group of people, it gets you going more than you know. Community is the biggest part of the workout. Community is what helps you get better and healhthier

Our Programs

30-day transformation program that emphasizes on 30-days intermittent fasting with the balance between meal plan and Carport Camp classes to enhance a greater and healthier result. It is about transforming yourself to a NEW and HEALTHIER YOU.

1-on-1 inclusive training session to promote general overall fitness. Working 1-on-1 with a client to ensure precisely towards client needs. Suitable for those who keen on getting an in-depth knowledge of the workout.

Our health program designed for workplace that support healthy lifestyle and fitness in general among their resources. Fitness environment to ensure corporate bonding and exciting workout time among peers. 45-60min of community support health program.

What Is Carport

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